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Jaimie Kelton is an actor, singer, dancer, voiceover artist and podcaster based in New York City. She has over 17 years of experience performing on stages in NYC, as well as in Regional Theaters, on National tours, and for a few dreamlike years, singing and tanning on a cruise ship. She is a Helen Hayes Award recipient and has won many other prestigious awards- in her mind. Her voice can be heard in various forms on Syfy’s Happy! (Lil’ Bo Peep), Disney’s hit cartoon, The Octonauts (Tweak, Pinto, Twinkle the sea star), Amazon’s Bug Diaries (Scarlet Lily Beetle, Ant Leader), and the soon to be aired Fairy Tale Forest (Gaby), which is being produced by MYRA Entertainment, LLC.. She co-hosts the podcast If These Ovaries Could Talk, where she chats with non-traditional families about making babies when making babies doesn’t come naturally. She lives with her wife, 2 children and tiny dog in Manhattan.


Jaimie and her co-host Robin Hopkins wrote a book called "If These Ovaries Could Talk: The Things We've Learned About Making an LGBTQ Family" based on their award winning podcast, "If These Ovaries Could Talk". The book is set to hit stores 5/19/2020. Click here for book announcement from LitRiot Press.


Jaimie's award winning podcast If These Ovaries Could Talk is live everywhere you can get pods. Recently they were interviewed by and put on the cover of Gay Parent Magazine., AND recently won the LGBTQ category Podcast Awards/Peoples Choice! Listen to episodes HERE

Jaimie is a Society of Voice Arts Award Winner! She recently won an Outstanding Animation Character, Best Voiceover SOVA for her character, Bo Peep on Syfy's Happy! See the Season 2 teaser HERE, and watch episodes on SyFy or Amazon.

Bug Diaries is now streaming on Amazon, in which Jaimie plays the lovable and adorable Scarlet Lily Beetle.

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